IPVS 2020



Deadline for abstract submission: May 30ᵗʰ 2020 (Brasilia time – (GMT – 03:00) 11:59pm)

Guideline for abstract preparation and presentation

Abstracts must be submitted and presented according to the guidelines below.

Abstracts can be presented only in english orally or as posters. The author must choose the presentation form when submitting the abstract; however, the scientific committee will select a limited number of papers to be presented orally in each scientific topic and the authors will be notified in advance. Before submitting the abstract, authors must register in this website. Abstracts will be published in the Congress proceedings upon the registration payment of at least one of the authors. There is no limit for number of abstracts per author and the author must choose the session (Areas of Interest) in which the abstract will be presented when submitting it.

Scientific Topics

  1. Viral diseases
  2. Parasites and Parasitic Diseases
  3. Bacterial diseases
  4. Immunology & Vaccinology
  5. Food Safety
  6. Reproduction
  7. Biosecurity
  8. Genetics
  9. Antimicrobials
  10. Welfare
  11. Nutrition
  12. Clinical Cases
  13. Miscellaneous
  14. Production & Innovation
  15. Herd Management


Abstracts preparation must follow established norms rigorously; otherwise, they will run the risk of not being accepted. The scientific papers evaluation committee provide an abstract example for download on this page.

  1. Format: Word (.docx)
  2. Language: English
  3. Title: Written in lower case letters, with the first letters in upper case; scientific names must be in italics.
  4. Authors: The author’s first and last names must be written in full, with the first letter in upper case; middle names ( when applied) must be abbreviated. In case the work has more than one author, separate their names their names by semicolons, as shown in the example: José A. B. Silva; Manoel dos S. Feijó.
  5. Institutional affiliation and authors: The first author must provide an
    email address.
  6. Body of the text: Maximum of one page, divided into two columns of 8 cm each, including the following sections: introduction, materials and methods, results and discussion, conclusion and references. Leave a blank line between the topics. Scientific names must be written in italics. Tables and figures (drawings, illustrations and pictures) must be included right after they are mentioned in the text and must not exceed page margins. Figures must be in high resolution (minimum of 300 dpi).
  7. Margins: abstracts must be in the A4 format with right and inferior margins: 2 cm and left and upper margins: 3 cm.
  8. Fonts: Times New Roman
  9. Title: size 12
  10. Authors, institution and text: size 10.
  11. Articles must be formatted according to the example available for download on this page.
  12. The scientific committee expressly recommends rigorous grammar control, formatting and presentation of abstracts, whose content is the sole responsibility of the author(s).

For more information, send a message to registration@ipvs2020.com